T-Moov Robot: Increase fertility in poultry farms

Robot for poultry farms (chicken, turkey) designed to stimulate animals in order to increase production, fertility rate.

Intended for farms raising broilers, turkeys, laying hens, the T-Moov robot was designed by farmers to get the desired results and solve real problems.

WHY USE T-Moov Robot?

  • Reduces the percentage of eggs on the floor
  • Reduces the level of aggression between animals
  • Increases the fertility rate
  • Increases the level of well-being and health of animals
  • Offers valuable time for the farmer, time that can be used in important, income-generating activities

Technical details

  • Sound stimulus (10 different sounds)
  • Visual stimulus (10 lights of different colors)
  • Laser points projected onto the floor
  • Wheels that allow access to all areas of the shelter


  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 hours of autonomy, resistant to water and dust, controlled by phone, the T-Moov robot works for you!