GO Cleaner

The GO Cleaner robot has been specially adapted by Envirologic AB to successfully wash the poultry farms. With constructive and software changes the manufacturer took into account the specific features of the poultry farms.

Envirologic AB is manufacturing the world’s most developed washing robots for animal farms, no matter if we talk about pig farms, chicken farms etc. GO Cleaner, the latest robot in portfolio, is meant to help you increase productivity: less money spent for medicines, less stressed animals, less unhealthy employees. Flextim Industry is your trustful partner, from the beginning. Our special trained engineers are your closest friend when it comes to after sale services such as: commissioning, training, robot programming, maintenance, spare parts etc. This means more, precious time to watch for your animals, and this will happen in a cleaner environment for animals as well as for you. Envirologic AB - robot’s manufacturer - has created a state-of-art product. Well above competition, GO Cleaner is doing a marvelous job because of powerful features, some of them unique on the market:

Why use GO Cleaner?

  • Wash the most hidden places: it mimics the human arms movement and works with 360 degrees washing nozzle
  • Water saving: the GO Cleaner robot can be programmed to insist in certain areas (where the degree of dirt is higher) and to pass over the cleaner areas faster
  • Restless wash animal farms, no matter if it is day or midnight, New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Easter. That is easy to achieve because of more than 24 hours continuous washing autonomy, provided by its powerful rechargeable batteries;
  • Resist to corrosion environment (built from corrosion-free materials)
  • Resist to water and dust (dust proof, water proof)
  • Avoids electric-shocks, being powered by 12V rechargeable internal batteries and not from a 230V network
  • Electrical driven between halls, by simple pressing direction keys
  • Touch screen display with images and intuitive menu in operator’s own language


  • GO Cleaner robot automatically switches from washing the floor to washing the walls or ceiling and directs the dirt to the sewer area, as scheduled.
  • Allows you to store up hundreds of washing programs


  • Maximum mobility: GO Cleaner accurately washes the floor, walls and ceiling due to the special joints, the “crane” type tower, the telescopic arm, the possible movements in all 3 planes, the nozzle that rotates 360 degrees
  • Programming is intuitive, with clear display, suggestive images
  • The robot knows its position in the room based on the pre-set points
  • In order to move the robot to the desired hall or the barn that was to be washed, it must not be pushed: the GO Cleaner robot has an electric motor for self-driving. It is activated by simply pressing the direction buttons


  • The programs are automatically stored on 3 different storage media: Cloud, internal memory and memory stick; equipped with Internet modem (4G)
  • Wireless connect to 4G and Cloud, in order to send notification about its washing status, for service maintenance, alarms, save washing programs etc.
  • Stores and communicates information remotely, allowing access to the Cloud, remote service interventions

GO Cleaner

Manufactured in Sweden by Envirologic AB